In 2016 Christine moved to Wanarra Station in the Central West of Western Australia. The amazingly varied landscape, plant forms and wild life provide an endless source of inspiration. Vast spaces, rugged granite outcrops, huge salt lakes, Acacia scrub, ancient York Gums, massive Salmon Gums, and carpets of wild flowers in spring.

The natural scrub provides a home for hundreds birds including red tailed black cockatoos, ring necked parrots, rainbow bee eaters, mulga parrots, galahs, honey eaters and red capped robins that fill the air with song and flashes of colour. Neighbouring farmlands are in stark contrast with great stretches of cropped land, bordered by regular lines of trees.

Overarching it all is the amazing, uninterrupted view of the sky, the weather, the atmospheric effects.

Wanarra provides a sanctuary for Kangaroos, many rescued by the Midwest Marsupial Carers of Geraldton. They are fascinating, unique, gentle animals so well adapted to this harsh and extreme environment. Each demanding a portrait.

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